Other Services

Besides having great fun dressing you up in the olden times, we also do:

Photo Restoration

Your old photos are precious to you and your family. They can fade very quickly. Before it is too late, bring them into us for restoration and printing.

Old photos restored and revitalised, mounted and framed can make great personal presents for family and friends.

Photograph Digitising

We will go through all your old photographs with you, digitalise and categorise them. Once digitised you can decide what you want done. We can make them up in a book with text added or print them for an album or enlarge. We also digitise old glass negatives, film and transparencies (also known as slides).

Not forgetting, if you have a one-off favourite photo, negative or transparency that is getting faded or worn, bring it into us and we will restore and print it.

Glass plate negatives - The Leslie Casey Collection

We are presently restoring glass negative plates that were discovered in the bottom of a box in Leslie's mother's attic. Leslie's grandfather, Albert Casey, was a hobby photographer. They are dated from the very early 1900's and contain never before seen images in Cobh, especially the many naval and military ships that would have been based in Haulbowline Naval Base.

Although there are very many photographs of the RMS Lusitania in various locations, there are very few photographs of her in Cork Harbour. When I was putting together the Centenary Commemoration of her sinking in 2015, I searched everywhere looking for photographs of her in Cork Harbour - I found two - one taken by a Cork Examiner photographer and it was from her stern and one when she was of the coast of Kinsale. Well, this box of photographic treasures has produced 4 of her in the Harbour! All the plates have accumulated over a 100 years of dust and dirt - some identified as spider excrement! This means they are too delicate to be directly cleaned, therefore a lot of cleaning and restoration work has to be done digitally.

The aim is to have an exhibition at the end of the restoration work. Cobh Pastimes will do all the work from digitising, restoring, cleaning, sizing and printing to finally curating the exhibition.

Photo Re-Enactment

The Mulloy Sisters from America arrived outside the studio door early one Saturday morning. They had a picture of their Grandmother and Grand Aunt (hence, also sisters) and wanted to re-enact the photograph below on the left.

We rifled through all our costumes, props and accessories to come up with the most similar clothing possible. The lace pieces used, were actually doilies inherited from my mother!

We really enjoyed the challenge of this creation.

Old Document Digitising

We have been very involved in digitising old historical documentation and books, including the burial register of the RMS Lusitania victims in 1915 (which is held by the Cork County Council); customs and excise ledger from 1913-1915 and many other important historical documentation.

A gentleman came into the studio holding a very large and old book that he had retrieved from a skip. In it were the recordings of the customs and excise officers at the Customs & Excise building on Lynch's Quay, Cobh.

Each marine activity - ships going up river and down river into the harbour were meticulously written in the book. The page shown above is from 4th to the 13th October 1913. During this period you will see that the RMS Lusitania and Mauritania had a routine anchor stop. The amount of mail sacks and boxes going on to them were noted in the log. What was fascinating to me was that the Custom & Excise officer "hailed" the ships as they passed to obtain information about them. One entry was recorded as "inaudible reply" from the ship. This made me think that the location of the customs & excise building would have been important to watch, record and hail the passing ships.
Two certainties in life - death and taxes!


Have you got drawers and cupboards full of photos fading away and unsorted? Or fading away in photo albums?
Have you thought of digitising them and creating a book with them? A book is ideal to maintain their freshness and a coffee table book will always be opened and browsed through. Albums tend to collect dust in top shelves of cupboards!

We would help you categorise all your photos into dates, events, special occasions and, in conjuction with you, put in an appropriate text.
We scan, restore and colour correct each photo individually and design the layout of the book. Photobooks are the ideal present for the significant people in your life who, seemingly, have everything!

We don't just digitise your photographs - we memorialize them!

High Quality Printing

We print up to A3 size. Artists, Camera Clubs and photographers applying for their licentiate qualification in photography have their photographs printed by Cobh Pastimes.

Johns Adams - Artist

Click here if you want to see more of John Adams paintings.

Mary Kidney

Aidan Fleming, from Cobh Camera Club

Strictly Cobh Dancing

For three years Cobh Tourism held a Strictly Cobh Dancing event in the Commodore Hotel as a main fund-raiser for them.
Cobh Pastimes photographed all the participating dancers in the run up to the finale night, in the Cobh Pastimes Studio using Chromakey Technology.

Christmas/Special/Celebrating nights out

We can pre book special nights out. A favourite for a Ladies Night out is the Saloon Bar Theme. Enjoy a glass of wine during the dressing up process.
Cobh Camera Club had their Christmas night with us one year. For once, they were on the other side of the camera.



Funeral Undertakers catalogue

Carraig Tools launch of new gas detection safety equipment

Escapade Cobh - publicity photography for newly openned escape room business

Out and about with our mobile photography unit

Elmville House, Cobh

Cobh Heritage Centre - The Queenstown Story

Carraig Tools Trade Event, Dublin

Girls Club 1920s night, Cork

Marks & Spencer annual dinner dance in Rochestown Park Hotel

Fota House, County Cork

Ticknock Skiffle Band

Photographs of Lusitania Exhibition

Cobh Pastimes has and is in the process of putting on a number of historical photographic exhibitions.

We source the photographs, restore (where applicable), research the history and background of the photograph, size, print, mount and layout the collection.

Cobh Pastimes put together the Lusitania Centenary Commemoration Exhibition in the Cunard Centre (which was originally the Cunard Line Shipping Office) and where the passengers of Cunard Line ships would travel through. The Lusitania and her sister ship, the Mauretania, would be frequent visitors to Cobh (then known as Queenstown).

Fionnghuala Smith, proprietor of Cobh Pastimes seen here with Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt III. Mr Vanderbilt donated this photograph of his grandfather to the Commemoration Exhibition.

Mr. Vanderbilt’s Grandfather, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt 1, was a frequent traveller on the RMS Lusitania. His family was one of the richest families in the world at that time. For further information click this link

When the torpedo struck the Lusitania on that fateful May day, Alfred was seen, with his valet, helping as many women and children as possible into the very few lifeboats that could get away. He gave his lifebelt to a lady even though he knew he couldn’t swim.